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"Shah is truly exceptional, a surprise and a wonderful read..chilling..loved the continental leap she executes with panache.."

"Sabine has captured a small taste of what so many of the people, not the militants or the politicians of the Middle East want. Whether it’s Syria, Iran or Iraq the realities of war and those who suffer the most were not lost in this book. To not “live like a shadow” clearly says it all. A good read.." 

"This story will tug on nearly every emotion you have, from outrage to happiness to sorrow and back again all the while providing a very good read.."

"I have been reading Sabine's work for long time now. She is a wonderful writer. Flowers don't cry in itself is a beautiful name which made me read this book. Like always, I felt I am reading something I was waiting for. Lovely work."

( Excerpts from Amazon reviews for Sabine Shah's first novel "Flowers Don't Cry.")


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